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"We purchased a piece of property in upstate New York about 5 years ago. We developed plans with an architect and had reached a tentative agreement with a local builder to begin construction in the fall of 2009. We could not reach final agreement with the builder on price and thus began an expedited search for a new builder. We were introduced to Dany Letourneau who looked at our plans and pronounced that he could build us a nicer house for less money than budgeted. He proceeded to show us some of his work and we were able to actually visit some of the houses he had built or was in the process of building to view his work. After looking at some of these homes we hired him immediately. He delivered on his promise for both the house and the reduced cost of the house.
Dany and I shook on it, and he began the work. Typically, I would never enter into any project without something in writing, there was a mutual trust immediately and no contract was ever drawn.
Dany completed an 8400 square foot house in just over 13 months. The house was exquisitely built both from a visual perspective but also from a quality workmanship perspective as well. The interior woodwork draws compliments whenever someone enters our home for the first time. The insulation is so superior that our heating bills are actually less than they were in the original house which was half the size of the new structure. There are many details such as the unique crown molding, the beveled cabinets in the kitchen, the lacquered posts in the great room that give it a "hunting lodge" feel that were all additions recommended by Dany that add to the beauty of the home. After living in the home for 4 years we are yet to have a problem with any of the workmanship or appliances.
The most astonishing fact in recounting our relationship with Dany is that our home is 250 miles away from where Dany lives. He spent 4-5 days at the work site each week and then commuted back home on the weekends. He coordinated all of the work of his crews and never had workmen sitting around with nothing to do. Additionally, he was very accessible for update conversations or to make recommended changes to the original plans. To give you an idea of how positive these changes were to the final construction, after about 2 months I told him he didn't even need to confer with me on suggestions; just go ahead and implement them. He also handled all communications with the Adirondack Park Association as well as the local building agencies.
If you are considering using Letourneau builders for your building project I would heartily endorse that decision. Feel free to contact me for a reference. I don't believe this testimonial begins to do justice to how great of a job Dany and his team did in constructing our home."

- Jack Zimmerman

"I first met Mr. Letourneau while browsing existing homes on the market, when I happened to stumble into one of his new projects and decided to explore. While I walked onto the job site a curious window shopper at best, I left only a few hours later with a handshake deal on what would become a wonderful home. During that brief meeting things just seemed to click with Dan, and his passion for his craft inspired a great deal of confidence. During the next 6 months I quickly came to know my "hunch" was actually a great decision. His attention to detail, creative design talent, and sense of pride in honest quality work made the whole experience a pleasure. I still live in the home 14 years later and remain just as satisfied today. Mr. Letourneau has always stood behind his work and been a terrific resource for information and access to a network of great service professionals to help me care for the house. After all these years I am happy to call Dany a great friend and would strongly recommend his services to others."

- Tom Lincoln Director of Research - Global Equities (GE)

"Several years ago I bought a piece of land in Ridgefield and engaged an architect to help design my custom dream house. I began the search for a builder, with the help of my architect, when the plans were completed. I considered many builders and engaged in an extensive selection process, which included interviewing a half a dozen potential builders, visiting homes that they had built and speaking with the homeowners. I was impressed by all of the builders and all appeared to have done quality work. At the end of the process, however, I selected Dany Letourneau and I am very happy that I did. Dany brought not only technical expertise and extensive experience to my project but a passion, a commitment and an attention to detail in making sure that everything was done correctly and to my satisfaction. Moreover, Dany added value to the project by making suggestions and recommendations that went beyond simply following the architectural plans, which at the end of the day, really made a significant difference to the look and feel of the home. I would be pleased to speak to anyone considering engaging Dany as their builder and to give them a tour of my home."

- A Pleased Client

"I purchased a Letourneau built home 10 years ago and although I wasn’t the original owner I could simply feel the quality of craftsmanship that was put into the home that attracted me to purchase it. Dany's pride in his work did not end when he finished the house or even with his original client. As stated I was the second owner and to my delight Mr. Letourneau always made himself available for questions and help and would without hesitation use him to build in my future and look forward to working with a true professional"

- John